Arizona Home Purchase Agreement

Section 2 deals with furniture and personal property included in the sale. Some buyers offer a certain price that may contain furniture. It is important to note that if your offer contains funders, it does not allow personal property to be included in an offer. Normally, this is done on a separate sales contract outside the sales contract. Section 2 also deals with the financing section when a loan is obtained for the property you are buying. In Arizona, an AAR credit prequalification form should be added to an offer to strengthen your position. Arizona Lenders can normally prequalify over the phone and send a prequalification that will be submitted with the offer. In this section, you also reveal how to finance, ask sellers for concessions, and find out who pays for the evaluation fee. Ok, you started in Canada by doing real estate research in Arizona and financing your home in Arizona. Then you found an experienced real estate agent in Arizona that you trust (I hope it`s me!) and you took a trip to Arizona where you found a beautiful home you want to buy.

The Arizona sales contract is made during the indefinite exchange of ownership of real estate for a monetary value that takes place between the owner and the person buying the home. Specific information and information must be recorded in the instrument to ensure that the document is valid. This information includes the identification of the buyer and seller, the details of the property purchased, and the type of financing used during the transaction. Normally, in Arizona, the buyer`s real estate agent will design and negotiate the contract under the direction of the buyer and without the inconvenience and costs of a lawyer. We have an unusual feature in our Arizona contract….