Admission Agreements

If you are offered a GAA accreditation, you can be sure to change juniors and get at least 60 transfer credits. They also get a waiver of the lower level education requirements at Mason. All new GAA transfers will receive a priority assessment of course-by-course transfer credits As a NOVA graduate, you are guaranteed access to more than 40 colleges and universities in the region if you meet the contractual requirements between NOVA and that university. Save thousands of tuition fees by starting with NOVA. Let us help you get on the right track to a successful career! The goal of our GAA is to offer you a clear way to succeed as a transfer. Just as admission requirements vary between Virginia universities, GAAs also vary. We give the required conclusion, the minimum cumulative GPA and three specific courses that must be completed in our GAA with grades C or better. We also require that applicants from a previous course or institution that has been used for admission earn no less than a C that has not been repeated and replaced with a grade of A, B or C. Candidates who meet the minimum requirement for admission to the GAA, but who do not meet the criteria for admission to this selective admission center, are considered undeclared or may be postponed to the next semester. Admission to the School of Nursing or the Volgenau School of Engineering are frequent examples of this situation. GAA admits to receiving a letter of accreditation refining that “you have been admitted based on our guaranteed accreditation agreement with your Virginia Community College.” Ad compliance with this advice ensures as smooth a transition to Mason as possible. The Admissions Committee has enough time to carefully review your application and offer you permission in good time for you to take advantage of all of our exciting campus opportunities. Accredited and registered transfer students may defer accreditation for a consecutive future semester, in the fall until spring or in the spring until the fall.

Contact the accreditation body no later than the first day of the semester to which you were admitted to request a postponement to the next semester. Yes. You are not entitled to GAA accreditation if you have been suspended academically or non-academically or licensed from a university or university. Mason will consider these transfer authorization requests on a case-by-case basis. NOTE: The university rewards academic acts of other institutions and does not enroll students who are actively suspended or dismissed. Yes. A.A.A. Associate of Applied Arts, A.A.S. Associate of Applied Science and A.F.A. Associate of Fine Arts are not included in the Guaranteed Accreditation Agreement.

Students who wish to obtain these degrees can apply for a regular transfer authorization…